Online Shopping 101: Basic Things You Need to Know

Before you think of shopping online, you should know these basic things to avoid “stories that touch” and prevent your shopping experience from going south. These tips will prevent you from falling for scams and illegitimate merchant sites.

1. Research who is selling to you.

It doesn’t hurt to find the details of the company or business you’re buying your products from, no matter how legit they may seem. Scammers have been know to clone authentic stores and you can easily fall victim.

– You can start by looking for their phone number and valid contact address. Every legitimate business should have both. You can check the site’s “About Us” page for more information.

– Go through their policies. Find out about their return policy, in case you’re not satisfied with what you receive in the end. You can also learn about the store’s coupon deals, discount rates and promo offers. They might interest you.

– Chat with their customer support and ask questions; this is for insurance in case you need to make complaints later on.

2. Research the product you’re buying.

When you’re shopping online, you don’t have the luxury of inspecting your selected item. Therefore, you may need to search the web for more details on the product and find online stores that provide the best deals and offers for purchase.

– Reviews. You’re not the first person to buy that item, find unbiased opinions of other consumers of the product, and read about their experiences before making your purchase. Product ratings are also a big giveaway, take note of them.

– Check out for extra charges, shipping fees, taxes, and handling costs if you’re buying from a long distance. Sometimes, these charges might be higher than the price of the product. Remember, you are responsible for your purse, you need to spend wisely.

– Make sure you are comfortable with the delivery time before making your purchase. Some products may take less than 24 hours while others may take up to 20 days before they are delivered. Find products with delivery times that suits your schedule.

3. Purchase from a secure website.

– Be sure to check the safety of the website you’re buying your products. Secure sites usually have a URL that begins with “https.”

Websites like this have reliable security certificates that protect confidential information like credit card numbers, contact details, and credit card pin codes from falling into the wrong hands.

4. Be Smart.

After receiving your item, be sure to keep a record of your purchase by getting your product’s order number, confirmation number, or e-receipt. You might need these details in the future.

Conclusively, if you encounter any issue in the course of shopping online, do not hesitate to contact your online store’s support. Customer attendants are available to make you a happy at any cost, 24/7.